Güneş Enerjisi Enstitüsü

About Institute



Ege University Solar Energy Institute serving as a research and education center for renewable energy resources such as solar power, biomass, wind and geothermal is established in 1978. It is the first and only institute leading these fields in our country.


In accordance with the order numbered 82/655 dated 23 December 1982 of the Council of Higher Education, two departments are structured; namely Energy and Energy Technology in our institute where research and postgraduate studies are conducted in fields of solar thermal systems, photovoltaic and new generation photovoltaic systems, solar architecture, biomass energy, wind power and geothermal energy, energy efficiency and management, photochemistry and optoelectronics.

Personnel and Education

As of 2013, 26 academic, 7 administrative, 4 technical and 4 support personnel serve in our institute. 145 masters and 86 doctorate fellows have graduated from our institute that has been active in the field of renewable energy resources for 35 years. Currently, there are 55 masters and 62 doctorate researchers are continuing with their studies.