Çerez Örnek

Test and Analysis Services

Application Procedure and Pricing for Analyses

Application procedures for analyses to be conducted in our Institute are:

  • Packaging should be made to avoid any leakage or tear.
  • Glass containers should be sealed.
  • Packaging should prevent humidification.
  • Samples with light sensitivity should be packaged accordingly.
  • Every sample should be packaged separately.
  • An appointment should be made via e-mail. Depending on the type of analysis please contact Assoc. Prof. Dr. Burak Gültekin or Research Assistant Şefik Arıcı.
  • A request form containing detailed information of the sender institution should be delivered with the sample. Pricing procedure will be notified afterwards.
  • Analysis report will be delivered to the sender upon completion of the payment.
  • Price list is as given below (tax not included).


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